Have a question about Mama T's?  Below are some answers to the questions asked most frequently, but we are always happy to answer any additional questions. You could contact us at 580-495-1559   or email us at: mamatsada@gmail.com

Does a person have to be a Christian in order to receive services?

No. Mama T's, is a God-Centered organization, but services will not be withheld from anyone based on their belief.  

Is Mama T's tied to any particular church or organization?

No, Mama T's is a God-Centered organization and not tied to any one church or denomination. The Mission encourages and enjoys support and involvement from a large constituency of volunteers and donors.

Is Chapel attendance mandatory for clients to stay at the Shelter?

Guests who do not wish to attend chapel services will not be denied services that Mama T's provides.

How can I tell where my contribution is going to?

If a gift or donation is unspecified, it will be used where it is most needed. A gift may be designated toward a specific facility or program with a note stating where you would like your contribution to go. An annual report of Mama T's, Inc. accountability is always available upon request.

Schedule A Tour

One of the easiest ways to learn more about Mama T's, is to schedule a tour of the facilities. You will see how your generosity is helping those who are less fortunate, the homeless and hungry, as well as those who are working to recover from addiction and getting their lives in order.

If you would like to visit Mama T's, please call 580-235-3206.

Request a Speaker

Mama T's would love to discuss the work being accomplished for the community with your church, school, business or civic group. Itís a great opportunity to learn about how Mama T's will  change lives and how your group can help those who are less fortunate, homeless, hungry and suffering from addictions in your area.

Please call 580-235-3206,if you and your group are interested in discovering more about what God is doing at Mama T's B&B.

Facebook Page

Mama T's also would like to encourage you to join our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest information and engage with others who share a passion for the homeless and hurting in our community.

If you have additional questions or would like to contact us, please call 580-235-3206 or email us at mamatsada@gmail.com

Bread and Blessings